A bit of background on me and SSC

Brief Personal History.

I’ve loved bikes for as long as I can remember. As a kid growing up in Eastern Europe mountain bikes were the stuff of dreams. It wasn’t until the late 80s when I moved to the United States that I got my first exposure to mountain bikes aboard my father’s Jamis Explorer XR. With that came the discovery of a freedom I had only imagined possible. Sure I’ve ridden bikes off road, but I never knew that a single bike could climb, descend and handle the infinitely varied terrain that a backcountry trail had to offer. I was forever hooked.

Around 1999 my father and I bought a pair of used Mantis Pro-Floaters and built them up. Though not truly vintage at the time these were some of the first restorations I did and I remember them fondly. After college I discovered that most of my childhood dream bikes were now outdated and could easily be obtained and started dabbling in collecting. I quickly exhausted both my means to acquire and store bikes and ended up putting bikes out of my mind for a while. I rediscovered vintage mountain bikes in 2008/09, however this time the bug bit hard and hasn’t let go yet.