1992 Klein Attitude Backfire

Yet another beautiful example of an early Klein Attitude.  The MC1 Attitude went through several evolutionary changes.  It began life as a basic Rascal frame (which shares a lot of basic structure with the earlier Top Gun) with the addition of the oversize sealed bearing headset, with a pressed in fork and the Mission Control bar/stem combo.

This specific Attitude is a 1992 model year distinguished from the 1990/91 model by virtue of the rounded uniklein fork (versus the older style box crown fork) and the white outlined decals.  This is the last model year of the Attitude with a 27.2 mm seat post (switched to 31.6 in 93), use of decals (Klein switched to debossing in 1993 due to issues with the decals exploding during over cure due the interaction with the Durathane paints that Klein used) and a slightly smaller down tube (1 7/8″ in 93).

This Attitude is truly a survivor, it’s in amazing shape!!  There is virtually no chain suck, no dents, only a couple larger scratches and a few smaller scratches and and chips.  The headset and bottom bracket bearings are in good shape, but they will be replaced anyways.

The bike is currently built with Shimano M735 XT which are also in good shape, most parts are original with the exception of the cranks which were replaced by the previous owner.  The seatpost and seat will have to be replaced with something more appropriate for this bike.

The bike definitely needs some cleaning and polishing but underneath some of the dirt and grime is a real beauty just waiting to shine!!