1993 Gossamer Klein Attitude “Gossy”

Finally it’s done-done.  What a killer looking bike, it’s growing on me by the minute.  At first I wasn’t quite sure about the muted gray tones and the funky smoke like wisps, but I really like it.  As always, you slap some M900 XTR on a bike and it immediately looks much better.  The original XTR gray cable housing really seals the deal for me.  On to the pics…

I really think this bike turned out great.  It’s definitely not mint like the Moonrise or the Sea & Sky, it has several battle scars here and there, but the gray color tends to mask them a little bit better than the bright fades.  From what I understand this method of painting (using an acetylene torch) is problematic because it introduces impurities into the paint which in the long run could create problems.  In that vein there is a little bit of corrosion under the paint near the rear brake cable exit in the top tube and around the neck of the MC1, it’s nothing to worry about, but it’s there.

The condition of the XTR gruppo I used for the build matches the condition of the frame rather well – “used but not beat.”  For those following the evolution of the bike it was originally built with M735 XT, grip shift and a few stragglers – nothing exciting.  I think the M900 components work with the frame very well and more importantly THEY WORK REALLY WELL!!!  This bike is super smooth!!!  I thought about rebuilding / repacking the hubs but they didn’t need it.  Combined with all new headset and bottom bracket bearings this bike flies.

All said and done this is one bike I can’t wait to get out on the trail and given a chance I’ll head out to Palos Verdes this weekend and see how it holds up.

Stay tuned for several other Kleins in the works, 1995 Attitude in Storm, 93 Adroit also in Storm and a 94 Painted Desert whose fate is not yet decided…