Historical Bradbury Manitou Catalogs

As far as I can tell the following was Doug’s first catalogs. Prior to this people would reach out to Doug directly and hed reply with specs of options of a bike he could build them. I believe this catalog was released for the 1988 model year, if there is such a thing for custom made bikes. It features the first references to a complete fuselage including frame, fork, stem and custom hubs.

The following is Doug’s second catalog and I think it was released for the 1989/1990 model years. This particular scan shows the additional insert on the last page that included documentation on the new Manitou fork which wasn’t available to the public until 1990. This leads me to believe that this catalog was initially released in 1989 and simply carried over into 1990.

As Doug started his transition to Answer his bikes took second place and the revised leaflet for the 1991 model year reflects that. As Doug moved away from building fully custom bikes and adopted a common design the amount of content in his brochure was reduced dramatically.

The 1992/93 brochure was Doug’s final under the Bradbury Manitou brand as the  Answer Manitou brand took over production of forks and frames. This brochure highlights the new FS frame featuring the prototype on the cover and a HT on the back.