I initially set out for SSC to be time machine bike shop where much like I want to go back in time and build the bike(s) of my dreams I could help others do the same. Over time however, I’ve realized that aside from building and riding these bikes I really enjoying engaging with people and discussing and sharing projects and the corresponding history. With that in mind back I tried to dig into the history of several brands near and dear to me and begin to document them or build upon research already done by others. The original SSC blog was my first attempt at that. Around 2018 I started writing a vintage themed column for the now defunct Dirt Rag magazine (several of those articles are featured in this site), and now continue that tradition over at Pinkbike and The Radavist along with a podcast at Mountain Bike Radio. What I hope to do in the future is continue restoring and riding historically significant vintage mountain bikes and documenting their history here on this website. Oh yeah, if you want a cool old bike I can still help you find one.